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Nordpass Review 2023: Is Nordpass Premium Worth It?

Are you still using the same password for everything? Well, then you are this close to a cyber attack.

In the digital age, where the average person has numerous online accounts and sensitive data to protect, having a reliable password manager is essential. This NordPass review will explore its key features, security measures, user-friendliness, benefits, pricing, and how it compares to its competitors.



NordPass Review – Is It a Best Password Manager?

NordPass is a leading password manager that securely stores your passwords and offers additional features to enhance your online security.

This means that everything you store in the password manager is encrypted. So well that even the employees at nor pass can’t decrypt them. Only you can with your master password.

Now on top of that, you also get access to several multi-factor authentication options. You can also use secure backup and sync which is cloud-based.

A newer feature of the nordpass suite is its data breach scanner. It automatically scans breach databases that contain your credentials. So even if one of your older passwords is compromised, well you can go and change it immediately.

nordpassImage: NordPass Dashboard

This app offers a good level of security now. Their security and features are always updating and they’re always researching to figure out better ways to protect their users take their most common passwords list. for example, they did extensive research to figure out what are some of the most common passwords in the world so you don’t end up using them and fall victim to a cyber attack he’s still using the password as your password.

Nordpass is compatible with all major operating systems and using Nord with them is super easy to take their OCR scanning. for example, it’s a little feature that helps speed up tasks for sure. but it’s also super cool that you can scan any information on documents, credit cards, or even images. so that you don’t have to manually type them all out and use their folders as well one of the most user-friendly implementations.

Nordpass easily integrates with the technology you’re already using in your browsers, and other password managers can easily be imported and exported with nordpass whenever you log into an account on a new website nordpass will ask you if you want to save that password. All you have to do is click “save” or “update” depending on the option that you get and you’re done now.

The nordpass password manager works best via desktop. Everything is neatly put under relevant tabs and the experience is streamlined with the option to use the browser extension. I didn’t find any concerning differences between the iOS and Android apps. so it’s nice that they aren’t splitting up major features and dividing the experience for different users. Nordpass also syncs to all your devices regardless of how you’re using it. So you’re bound to have a seamless experience.

Nordpass prioritized user experience alongside rock-solid safety and they did it well.

Key Features of NordPass

  1. Password Manager
    NordPass is a secure vault for all your passwords, allowing you to generate and store complex passwords for your online accounts. It eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and significantly reduces the risk of using weak or easily guessable passwords.
  2. Secure Storage
    In addition to passwords, NordPass offers secure storage for other sensitive data, such as credit card information, Wi-Fi passwords, and personal notes. All the stored data is encrypted and can only be accessed with your master password, ensuring its safety even if the device is lost or stolen.
  3. Data Breach Scanner
    NordPass monitors data breaches and notifies you if any accounts have been compromised. This proactive approach allows you to take immediate action, such as changing passwords, to prevent unauthorized access to your funds.
  4. Password Generator
    Creating strong, unique passwords for each account is crucial for security. NordPass provides a password generator tool that generates complex passwords with numbers, letters, and special characters, ensuring maximum protection against brute-force attacks.
  5. Cross-Platform Compatibility
    NordPass integrates across various platforms and devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web browsers.
  6. Save passwords with a click: NordPass prompts you to save your passwords every time you log in to a new website or create a new online account and remembers them for later use.
  7. Log in automatically: Want to log in to your favorite accounts? No need to enter your login credentials — NordPass does it for you.
  8. Easily import your passwords: NordPass automatically detects passwords stored in your browsers. Import them instantly or upload a CSV file.
  9. Access passwords from a browser: Add the NordPass browser extension to enable the autosave and autofill features. The extension is available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Brave Browser, Opera, and Safari.
  10. Sync passwords across all your devices: NordPass automatically syncs your passwords across computers, tablets, or phones.
  11. Web Vault Access: The NordPass Web Vault offers most of the features and functionalities available on our desktop app — you don’t have to install the application on your device.


How NordPass Ensures Security

NordPass prioritizes the security of your sensitive information through various measures and technologies.

Zero-Knowledge Architecture

NordPass follows a zero-knowledge architecture, meaning your data is encrypted and decrypted locally on your device. This ensures that only you can access your passwords and data, as NordPass has no knowledge or ability to decrypt them.

Advanced Encryption

To safeguard your passwords and data, NordPass utilizes state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, including XChaCha20, AES-256, and Argon2. These encryption standards are widely recognized for their robustness and are virtually impossible to crack.

Two-Factor Authentication

NordPass offers an extra layer of security by supporting two-factor authentication (2FA). By enabling 2FA, you add a verification step, such as a fingerprint scan or a one-time code, to ensure that only authorized individuals can access your NordPass account.

Secure Sharing

NordPass allows you to share passwords and sensitive information with trusted individuals securely. The shared items are encrypted; the recipient can access them only after verifying their identity. This feature is handy for teams or families who need to share access to specific accounts.


User-Friendly Interface and Ease of Use

NordPass boasts a user-friendly interface designed to simplify the password management process.

  • Intuitive Design
    The intuitive design of NordPass makes it easy to navigate and use, even for individuals who are not tech-savvy. The interface is clean, well-organized, and visually appealing, ensuring a pleasant user experience.
  • Browser Extensions
    NordPass offers extensions for popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. These extensions seamlessly integrate with your browser, allowing you to autofill passwords and login credentials with just a few clicks. This saves time and eliminates the hassle of manually entering passwords.
  • Auto-Fill Functionality
    With NordPass, you can enjoy the convenience of auto-fill functionality. Once you’ve saved your login credentials for a website, NordPass will automatically fill in the required information when you visit that site again. This streamlines the login process and eliminates the need to remember or type passwords.


Benefits of NordPass

Using NordPass provides numerous benefits that enhance online security and simplify password management.

  1. Enhanced Online Security
    By using NordPass, you significantly strengthen your online security. Generating and storing complex, unique passwords ensures that your accounts are well protected against unauthorized access. NordPass’s data breach scanner also alerts you if your accounts have been compromised, allowing you to take immediate action.
  2. Simplified Password Management
    NordPass eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords by securely storing them in one place. You only need to remember a single master password to access all your accounts. It saves you the hassle of recalling passwords or resorting to insecure password management practices.
  3. Time and Effort Savings
    With NordPass’s auto-fill functionality and browser extensions, logging into websites becomes quick and effortless. You no longer need to manually enter passwords, saving time and effort in your online activities.
  4. Secure Storage for Sensitive Data
    In addition to passwords, NordPass provides secure storage for other sensitive information like credit card details and personal notes. This eliminates the need for separate storage methods and protects your confidential data.


NordPass Platforms

NordPass provides Desktop, Mobile App and Web Platforms. So we can easily handle password across devices.

NordPass Desktop and Web App

NordPass software provides a seamless and secure experience across desktop and web platforms. The desktop app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to store, organize, and access all your passwords and important information in one place.

The NordPass web experience provides the same functionality, with the added convenience of accessing your passwords from any device with an internet connection.

Both the desktop app and web experience utilize strong encryption and multi-factor authentication to ensure the highest level of security for your sensitive data.

Additionally, NordPass offers a range of features such as password generation, sharing, and breach detection to enhance your password management experience further. Overall, NordPass is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking to improve their password security and management.

NordPass Mobile App

NordPass is a password manager that offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The NordPass mobile app allows users to access their encrypted password vault on the go and auto-fill login credentials within mobile apps and websites.

It also includes a password generator to create strong passwords, the ability to securely share passwords with trusted individuals, and a particular note feature to store sensitive information. The mobile app has a user-friendly interface and provides biometric login options such as face and fingerprint recognition.

Additionally, the app syncs automatically with the desktop and web versions of NordPass, ensuring that all password data is kept up-to-date and accessible across all devices.

Overall, the NordPass mobile app is a convenient and secure way to manage passwords on mobile devices.


Is NordPass have Password Generator feature?

Yes, NordPass has a built-in password generator feature that allows users to create strong and unique passwords for their accounts.

The password generator provides various options such as length, character types, and exclusions, allowing users to customize their passwords according to their preferences and requirements.

The generated passwords are automatically saved in the NordPass vault, making it easy for users to access them whenever needed. Using the password generator feature can help improve password security by creating complex passwords that are difficult to guess or crack.


Pricing and Plans

NordPass offers various pricing plans to cater to different user needs.

nordpass-pricing-1month-planImage: NordPass Pricing and Plans

Free Plan
NordPass provides a free plan that offers essential features, including password storage, a password generator, and restricted items for secure storage. This plan is a good starting point for individuals exploring the benefits of a password manager.

Premium Plan
The premium plan offers advanced features, such as priority customer support, secure item sharing, and unlimited items for safe storage. It provides a comprehensive solution for individuals who require additional functionalities and enhanced security.

Family Plan
NordPass also offers a family plan that allows multiple users to share a single subscription. This plan includes all the features of the premium program. It is ideal for managing families or households with multiple devices and accounts.

Is It Worth Nordpass Premium Plan?

We know what you might be thinking about all these features. Nordpass has got to be insanely expensive. They price their services in a way that anyone can use them.

first of all, they have a version that gives you access to the free password manager and no it’s not a trial, where you eventually have to pay up later.

it’s an actual free version where you still get things like unlimited passwords, stored credit card information, and multi-factor authentication. that is 2FA.

If you’re just storing some basic passwords you won’t even need anything much more than this, which makes it super accessible to everyone. However, if you want to use all the other features they have like the data breach scanner, emergency access to your password should something happen to you, and multiple device access. Well, you’re gonna have to get the paid version.

nordpass-pricing-2month-planImage: NordPass Premium Plan

But even with this price, it’s pretty competitive for the password manager market. so whichever way of you end up going you’re gonna get great protection.

Device limit with the free plan seems to be the most notable limitation you know just one device.

NordPass has a free version try it out. it’s the least you can do and if you like it well then I recommend getting the paid version depending on what type of user you are. Because it just adds that extra layer you need to make sure that your passwords are always going to be as safe as humanly possible.


NordPass vs. Competitors

When considering a password manager, evaluating how NordPass compares to its competitors is essential.

Feature Comparison

NordPass offers a wide range of features that rival other leading password managers. Its secure storage capabilities, password generator, and data breach scanner place it among the top contenders in terms of functionality.

Pricing Comparison

Regarding pricing, NordPass provides competitive options, offering accessible and affordable premium plans. Comparing the features and pricing of NordPass with other password managers allows you to make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

User Reviews

User reviews play a crucial role in assessing the effectiveness and usability of a password manager. NordPass has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its ease of use, security features, and reliable customer support. Exploring user reviews can provide valuable insights into the user experience and satisfaction levels.

Further Reading: 1Password Review: Features and Pricing


Customer Support and Reliability

NordPass is committed to providing excellent customer support and ensuring service reliability.

24/7 Support

NordPass offers 24/7 customer support to assist users with any questions, concerns, or technical issues they may encounter. Their support team is responsive and knowledgeable, providing prompt assistance whenever needed.

Service Reliability

NordPass maintains a robust infrastructure to ensure high service reliability. The secure storage and accessibility of your passwords and data are prioritized, and measures are in place to minimize any potential downtime or interruptions in service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is NordPass compatible with all devices?
NordPass is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, ensuring broad compatibility across different devices.

Can NordPass be used for secure item sharing?
Yes, NordPass allows the secure sharing of passwords and other sensitive data with trusted individuals, ensuring secure collaboration and access control.

How secure is NordPass against data breaches?
NordPass employs advanced encryption and continuously monitors data breaches. It promptly alerts you if any of your accounts have been compromised, allowing you to take immediate action.

What happens if I forget my master password?
NordPass follows a zero-knowledge architecture, meaning your master password is not stored anywhere. If you forget your master password, it cannot be recovered, and you will lose access to your stored passwords and data.

Are there any limitations in the free plan of NordPass?
The free program of NordPass has certain restrictions, such as a limited number of items for secure storage. Upgrading to a premium plan unlocks additional features and removes these limitations.



If you are looking for a clean, simple, secure password manager, then NordPass is an excellent option. And when you also factor in that price, that is a strong choice.

With NordPass, users can easily store and access all their passwords and other sensitive information across all their devices. NordPass uses strong encryption to keep users’ data secure and also offers features like password generation, auto-fill, and a password health check to ensure that users’ passwords are strong and not compromised.

Additionally, NordPass offers a user-friendly interface and excellent customer support. Overall, NordPass is a great option for anyone looking for a secure and reliable password manager.

Alby Abraham is an technology enthusiast, published blogger, and a content marketer who spends his time on building a career in the digital marketing industry. He also writes a blog on The Last Words for tech lovers.

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