OSRS Dry Calculator

Never lose hope, calculate your odds with the OSRS Dry Calculator!


What is Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Dry Calculator?

Do you want to avoid going on long, dry streaks without getting the drop you’re after in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)? This tool is here to help you calculate the probability of getting a drop based on your dry streak and the drop rate of the item you’re hunting for.

How to Use our OSRS Dry Calculator?

  1. Enter your current dry streak: This is the number of attempts you’ve made without getting the drop.
  2. Input the drop rate: This is the chance of getting the drop on each attempt, expressed as “1 in X,” where X is the drop rate.


Final Result:

Once you’ve entered your dry streak and drop rate, click the “Calculate Probability” button. The tool will then compute the probability of getting the drop on your next attempt. This can help you manage your expectations and plan your gameplay accordingly.

Why Use it?

Knowing the probability of getting the drop can help set realistic goals and stay motivated during long, dry streaks. It can also help you decide whether to continue hunting for the item or try something else for a while.

Important Note: Keep in mind that this calculator provides an estimate based on probability calculations. Actual drop rates may vary due to RNG (random number generation), so your results may not always match the calculated probability.