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5 Best Password Managers to Secure your Credentials

Have you ever wonder what’s the best password manager these days?

Do you know that last year alone, about 42 percent of companies faced a security breach? because of bad passwords. Far gone are the days, when it was safe to rely on basic common, and easy to remember passwords to secure online accounts.


The internet has become too unsafe to use simple passwords nowadays and with almost all our businesses taking place online. Here we discussing the top 5 password managers to secure your credentials and important information from hackers.

Before jump into deep details, we have to look a simple thing. Are Password Managers are Safe?

Are Password Managers are Safe?

There are a lot of questions on online about free password managers and it’s security features. Since some don’t even offer the must-have most basic security that you need. So when it comes to securing your password, vault isn’t a couple of bucks a month worth saving your online life and sanity I think. so premium password managers are a lot more advanced these days offering super sophisticated methods for protecting your passwords. while most free options have super weak encryption. There are some free password manager tools that are okay.

Top 5 Password Managers of 2022

  1. 1Password
  2. Bitwarden
  3. Keeper
  4. RoboForm
  5. Nordpass

Now let’s discuss the best password managers.


1Password has been good to me over the last year and its features and releases do seem to be getting better and better as time goes on. they’ve got apps for mac, windows, android, ios, Linux, and Chrome OS as well as browser extensions for like all of the popular kinds of browsers.

watchtower is the name of their tool which tells you about any password breaches or other issues with your passwords like weak or reused passwords. It also integrates with fingerprint, FaceID, and even an apple watch so you can quickly unlock it to get access to your data.

now you can also share passwords with others who don’t have one password account and limit that access to a single use or a time-based limit. One more feature worth mentioning is that they support more than just passwords since one password lets you also store 2FA codes, security questions, pin codes, and phone numbers, and you can even upload attachments.

in this new world of like crypto and NFTs is a password type to store your wallet secret and then display it nicely on screen for when you need to enter it.

Have a look detailed review of 1Password.

1Password is also really strong which is, of course, one of the most important things with any password manager and 1Password is one of the very very few password managers that embed zero trackers within the android app.

1Password offers mainly 5 plans. 2 for personal and family and 3 for Team and Business. For personal, which is USD 2.99 per month or USD 35 per year. For your family, it’s USD 4.99 per month for up to 5 members. There are also two versions for business there is their team’s plan at around USD 19.95 per month. For bigger businesses at 7.99 per user per month.

Free Trial
Yes, they provide 14 days free trial for all plans.


Bitwarden is pretty much the best free password manager out there. If you need a free password manager go and use Bitwarden. They also offer to pay for the premium plan.

It supports windows, mac, Linux, iOS and Android, and again all the popular web browsers.
It offers secure password-sharing security insights into your password health. Bitwarden is also one of very few that offers a self-hosted option. so if you don’t trust the cloud then you can download and run bitwarden locally instead. which means you’re then full of you know in full control of everything like others.

Bitwarden does include features to help identify passwords that are either weak or have been leaked though it is hidden away in the web version of the vault and not available from inside the app.

Bitwarden is 100% open-sourced. so nothing can be hidden from anybody. because the code is out there for anybody to use.

If you are looking for a cheap-priced password manager, then go no further than the free version undoubtedly but at $10 for a full year for the premium version it’s fantastic value now they also offer a family version at $3.33 per month for up to six users. and business plans of $3 per user and $5 per user depending on the features that you need.


Keeper has always been one of the better password managers out there overall. When we talk about features, there’s an emergency access feature that 1Password doesn’t have which gives you the ability to add emergency contacts who can be then granted access to your whole vault in the event of you know your death or an emergency.

You throw in some email addresses they log in and then you get an email to notify you that someone is trying to log in and then if you don’t respond in a certain time then they get access so if you were seriously injured or worse then your partner or family or friend could, in theory, a few days later have access to all your important information so they can help and grab like insurance information or anything else that’s relevant other than that you can share information with others.

Easily store your credit and debit cards in there too. There’s some storage space to upload things like your driving license or passport and it integrates with the face id and fingerprint. Works mac, windows, android, and iPhone as well. Also, can do 2FA.

They also have to provide secure file storage as optional expertise. So as far as features go I would say this is only slightly under what 1Password offers. but still pretty good.

This is the password manager that comes across with zero trackers embedded in their android app. just two of them 1Password and Keeper.

They support all of the usual 2FA methods and also security keys.


Roboform started as a form filler which then developed into a password manager.

They provide support for windows, mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and chrome OS. so all the bases are covered there all of the usual suspects are again from browser extensions too. there’s also the ability to create folders and share at the folder level with others.

There is a security center that scores your passwords and identifies which are weak or easy to the guest. A secured note section where you can keep any sensitive notes or information locked away with your passwords.

A sharing feature that lets you send passwords to others and also the emergency feature where you can pre-grant certain people access to your passwords in the event of a serious accident or death and same as before where it waits a preset time before it grants them access giving you the chance to say no don’t give them access. so you can give your partner or someone you trust access to everything and they can only access it providing you basically allow them in or don’t respond and then they get allowed in.

Roboform wouldn’t be Roboform without one of its key features being filling in web forms. so that is a big strength of Roboform it supports custom fields so you can customize your logins and all the information that is stored to your heart’s content and, it also means storing credit card information.

Where Roboform will pop up and off to save passwords when logging into certain applications. Roboform using to generate the 2FA codes and in march 2021 they added breach notifications.

They’ve also got apple watch support so you can unlock the app by just double tapping your watch now.

There is a free trial and a paid trial now. The free trial doesn’t let you synchronize passwords. So as long as you are happy to keep everything stored in just one place on one device.
For personal, Roboform comes to $23.88 per year which is split across 12 months and is around about 1.99 per month. so it’s super affordable.
For Family, $3.98 per month for billing annually.


Nordpass is another password manager that has security notes, and the ability to store your credit cards and payment information. Password audits help to show any weak passwords though one to note is that breached.

Here is your complete Nordpass Review.

There is an emergency access feature in the event of you being injured or dead. Biometric support for face id, and fingerprint support for all the usual browsers and operating systems.

It uses newer and stronger encryption than the other password managers. They do support the use of physical keys. Unfortunately, they do have two trackers embedded in their android app same as most others, to be honest.

There is a free trial that gives you a very limited version of the product which will only let you log in on one device at any one time so that can get annoying quite quickly if you switch devices often. but for the paid-for version and month-to-month, it’s $4.99 per month. one year is $1.99 per month and two years is $1.49 per month.


So after all of that is said what is the best password manager, you can look below. If you want the cheapest one, Bitwarden. Every time you want the best form filler, Roboform. every time if you want the best-looking one Nordpass.

Alby Abraham is an technology enthusiast, published blogger, and a content marketer who spends his time on building a career in the digital marketing industry. He also writes a blog on The Last Words for tech lovers.

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