How to Update Subaru Outback Software ( 2024 Updated )

If you have a Subaru Outback car, updating its software regularly is important for the best performance and safety. This detailed guide will explain the ways to update Subaru Outback Software.

We’ll give you easy steps to check for updates, download and install them correctly, and fix any issues that might arise during the update.

How to Update Subaru Outback Software

After reading this guide, you’ll know how to update your Subaru Outback software confidently.

Importance of Updating Subaru Outback Software

Updating software is vital to keep your vehicle working well and safely. Subaru often releases updates to fix issues, add features, and improve the vehicle’s performance. So, remember to update your software for better results.

How to Update Subaru Outback Software
Subaru Outback Software | source: Automotive Grade Linux


Benefits of Software Updates

1. Better Performance: Updates can make the engine work better, use less fuel, shift gears smoother, and make driving more excellent.
2. Safer Features: Updates can add important safety things, like better ways to avoid crashes and brakes that work well in emergencies.
3. Fixing Problems: Updates can help with known problems so things don’t break, mess up, or stop working suddenly.
4. Works with New Stuff: Updates ensure your car works with the newest phones, music devices, and GPS systems.

Steps by Step Guide to Update Subaru Outback Software

Here’s how you can update your Subaru Outback’s software:

  1. Check for Updates: Go to Subaru’s website, find “Support” or “Downloads,” and look for updates for your car’s model and year.
  2. Download: Click the correct update link and download it with good internet.
  3. USB Setup: Get a USB drive, make sure it’s empty and formatted right (usually FAT32).
  4. Transfer: Put the update on the USB drive’s central part, not inside folders.
  5. Start Car: Turn on your Subaru and the infotainment system, go to “Settings,” and find updates.
  6. Insert USB: Put the USB with the update into your car’s USB port.
  7. Install: Follow the instructions on-screen to install. It takes a bit to keep the car ventilated and running.
  8. Check: After the update, your infotainment system will restart. Make sure the update works and notice any changes.

Following these steps will help you update your Subaru Outback software. Remember, details might differ for your car’s model and year, so check Subaru’s instructions.

Note:┬áIt’s important to refer to the specific instructions provided by Subaru for your particular model and year. The update process may vary slightly depending on your vehicle’s software and hardware configuration.

Troubleshooting Potential Problems during the Update Process

Common Issues and Fixes

Slow Download: Use a strong internet connection or download when fewer people are online.
Installation Fails: Try again with a well-prepared USB and enough battery.
Car Freezes or Restarts: Disconnect the USB or ask Subaru for help.

Get Help from Subaru

If problems continue or you need clarification, call Subaru support or go to a dealership. Tell them what happened and any error messages you saw.


To sum up, it’s really important to update your Subaru Outback software to make it work well and safely. Just follow the steps in this guide to check, download, and fix any problems. By updating often, your Subaru Outback will give you a good drive, better safety features, and work with new tech stuff. Stay ahead and update your car to enjoy all the good things it gives you.

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