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Are you looking for even more GameDev communities?
We’ve got you covered. We’re talking about top Discord GameDev communities. Discord is so big that we wrote an entire blog for the best game development communities.

Here is the list…

Discord Game Dev Communities for Gamers

1. Brackeys

First up, we’ve got Brackeys. Brackeys is originally a game dev Youtube channel founded by Asbjørn Thirslund. The first video uploaded by Brackeys dates back to December 2012. It’s the first of a long-running series of Unity video tutorials with millions of accumulated views.
During eight years, Asbjørn’s vision grew from a homemade tutorial channel to a full-fledged company with an incredibly passionate team. Some of the most popular videos created by Brackeys include
* How to Make a Video Game in Unity
* First Person Movement in Unity, 2D Movement in Unity
* How to Program
* Making a Game in 10 Minutes
* Pixel Art in Photoshop.

Unfortunately for all the YouTube fans, Brackey uploaded a video with a definitive goodbye in 2020. This was their last YouTube video. Though they halted their video content creation, their Discord server is far from dead.

You can find a fantastic community with around 10 to 20 thousand members online. In the Brackeys Discord, members can discuss game dev and games, share excellent tutorials, showcase their work, and more. That’s not all, and the original Brackeys team is actively participating on Discord organizing events such as the Brackeys Game Jam – which usually happens twice a year, as of this writing. We’ll also leave a link to the Brackeys Discord server in the description.

Next on our list, we’ve got Game Dev League on Discord.

2. Game Dev League

This community has been around for more than seven years now. With approximately 20,000 active members and a net base of over 70,,000 people, Game Dev League is one of the most significant game dev communities out there. Additionally, it is one of the most complete, offering a place where developers can explore various topics related to their interests and careers.

You’ll find specific sections designated for conversations around engines like Unity, Unreal, Godot, Gamemaker, and Opensource tools like Monogame and LibGDX. You’ll also see an extra area for other development disciplines like web, VR, ux-ui, shaders, Roblox, and more.

Further down, you’ll find the Jams & Events section. You’ll find info about countless game jams, art jams, and events there. Some Jams and events happen within the same Game Dev League community, like the GDL art jam. This art jam changes themes weekly, and users earn points for their contributions and receive excellent comments from other community members. Past articles for the art jam include Tea Time, Wheels, and Explosive.

Next, you’ll find sections like
* brainstorming game dev concepts,
* Sharing and browsing through creative artwork
* showcasing your creations,
* Connecting professionally and other devs or companies,
and finally, a section
* dedicated exclusively to Legal & Marketing conversations.

To join Game Dev League, you must follow an invite link to their Discord server. Once you accept the Invite, you’ll have to agree to the community rules, and after that, you’re set to go.

3. Game Dev Network

Our next entry is Game Dev Network, a booming game dev Discord filled with friendly devs. It was founded in 2017 by indie dev Liam Sorta, parallel to his day job at Unity Technologies and his part-time indie studio, now known as Acureus.

Liam Sorta also released his third Steam game, Cave Guessers, which launched in October 2022. His community Game Dev Network has more than 35,000 members as of this writing.

It’s a great place to ask questions, seek advice, look for tech support, share projects, show off creations, and connect professionally with other devs and companies.

In the Game Dev Network, you’ll find the following sections:
* A general section where members can get to know each other, host and participate in events, and showcase their creations.
* An Engines section to talk about several main engines, ranging from tips and tricks to specific tech conversations.
* A development section that features threads for each aspect of game development.

We can find code, art, ui-ux, 3D modeling, sound, writing, shaders, game design, legal support, marketing, quality assurance, and production.
* A couple of sections for companies, studios, and devs to connect for different business opportunities.
* Finally, a section for indie devs to delve into the wonders of collaboration.
You can join Game Dev Network at any moment.

4. Godot

The free and open-source game engine that is winning the hearts of more and more devs each day. Of course, a big community-driven project like Godot needs a place to host such a community. The Godot Discord is an active and thriving server with over 50 thousand subscribed members and countless ongoing conversations and interactions.

You can start by meeting the community in the discussions section, where topics like art, design, surviving games, and business are always up and running.

If you want to start down the path with Godot, you’ll find great tutorials and inspiring creations in the Godot section. Now is a great time to join this community as the new iteration of the engine, Godot 4, has entered its open Beta phase.

Next up, we’ve got the Discord community for Game from scratch.

5. GameFromScratch

Gamefromscratch is a game development informational and educational website renowned for its excellent YouTube channel content. Fast forward to April 2020, and as a celebration of its 100 thousand follower milestone on YouTube, Gamefromscratch launched a Discord Server to redirect those fans, followers, and fellow devs to a space where they could act as a community. This Discord server has become a welcoming community of more than six thousand members two years after its launch.

Sections in the Game from scratch Discord are less specific than our past entries, ensuring every topic always has new conversations. Aside from the game dev tab, where members discuss various aspects of game development, a handy section is dedicated to development resources. All members can post and browse through excellent tips, tutorials, and assets here. There’s also a section for gamedev Discord servers that will connect you with even more communities.

To see everything Gamefromscratch offers and join their Discord community, you can head to Also, check out their Twitter to keep tabs on the latest news about game engines and innovative game development tools.

6. r/gamedev

Last, we’ve got the Discord server for the gamedev subreddit.

r/gamedev is the largest game development subreddit on Reddit. This subreddit is one of our favorite game development communities. Aside from hosting this enormous community on Reddit, r/gamedev is also home to a welcoming community on Discord.

This Discord server has around 20 thousand members and an impressively active community. In the r/gamedev Discord, you’ll find a bustling section to chat freely about several technologies such as Unity, Unreal, Godot, HTML5, programming languages, Open GL, Vulkan, game maker, retro tech, and others. You’ll also find the CRAFTS section, where members share all types of creations.

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This is a great place to get inspiration and drop some feedback to make someone’s work even better. You can join this community by clicking on the “/r/gamedev Discord” link in the upper section of the r/gamedev subreddit.

And finally, if you liked one of these communities, you should definitely up your experience by joining their real-time conversations on Discord.

Here are five more Discord servers to check out:

7. Indie Games

The Discord server for the subreddit r/IndieGames.

Indie Games Community is a much smaller yet impactful community. You can join this community by heading to the subreddit and finding the pinned Discord Invite link at the start of its feed. Also few Marketing Tools available for indie developers for better gaming.

8. THE HUT, by Snoman Gaming

Snoman Gaming is another of our fellow Youtube game dev-related channels mainly dedicated to analyzing the good and the bad of game design. Snoman currently hosts a Discord server called THE HUT, where members can talk about games and game dev overall and where devs can share their creations. THE HUT is open to anyone that accesses it through the invite link posted on the Snoman Gaming site.

9. The Official TIGSCord

TIGForums Discord Server: TIGForums, from TIGSource, gather a very professional community that focuses on helping each other and sharing fun conversations about their careers and passions. Their new and growing Discord community serves as an excellent extension for TIGSource.

You can access it directly from the TIG Forum’s leading site.


This classic game dev website has also joined the Discord era. Check out its new Discord server and become part of a community around the internet since the last millennium. You can participate by going to and clicking the Discord link in the website’s left panel.

11. SoloDevelopment

A small yet active community focused on everything related to solo game development. It was created as a community of solo developers who want to help each other.

SoloDevelopment also hosts a subreddit called r/SoloDevelopment. The primary function of this subreddit is for solo devs (and those interested in becoming one) to share their interests and questions. This sub has gained more than ten thousand followers as of this writing.

Over on Discord, the SoloDevelopment community is where devs hang out, share, and learn together, while on their solo game dev journeys. The SoloDevelopment Discord and subreddit can be accessed from their official website,

Well, that’s it for now. Comment your favorite community in the comment box.

Have a social Gaming….!

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